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New journal.

I think it's time to retire ol' umbreons.

I've wanted a clean slate for a while now, so I have created a new journal, unclegreenmush. This journal won't be deleted or purged and my email is still connected here, but I won't be posting here anymore. I'd love it if you guys added me there, though I'll also be going through my flist myself and adding people back. :) Just for clarification: not actually a creepy uncle adding people, it's actually Nora.

Well, journal, old pal. It's been fun.

ILU guys. I hope your day is going well. <33
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2009 (aka: LJ is a douche)

This has been the year of my life with the most changes, for sure.

This time last year marked my twelfth year in Australia. Next June will mark my first year back in America.

Obviously the move was the biggest thing I've probably ever done in my life so far. I actually never thought it would be possible for me to go home, it all just seemed like a daydream. I remember countless times, sitting on my mom's bed and talking to her and telling her to get her courage up and have us go home. I remember the night she did it, nearly two years ago. I was in the bath and she came in and told me that she told Dad that she was going home and that I was coming, too.

And now, here I am! I can't believe it actually happened. It took forever to settle stuff and for the house to sell, and it's still not totally settled, but the thing that matters the most is that I'm home and that I never have to leave if I don't want to.

I got to know my brother a bit better this past year, which is a good thing, even if it doesn't seem like it most of the time. I also met Kate, who is awesome and whom I adore with all my heart.


Things I learned in 2009:

Not to hate
To be a good student
To be patient
To not take things so seriously
What I want to do with my life

Things I experienced in 2009:


Things I regretted about 2009:


This was also probably the best year for fandom, like, ever. I have LJ to thank for that, actually. I doubt I'd even know half of my new TV show obsessions even existed, as sad as that is. Anyway.

I made an entirely-too-huge recount on fandom. Like, it's awful. So. Behind the cut there's a bunch of (resized) pictures, text, and a few downloads. ;) Collapse )

Thank you guys for a year full of amazing support and friendship. I really do adore the heck out of you all and appreciate every conversation I've ever had with you. I love you guys and I hope you all had a good year, and that your 2010 will be even better. <333

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love post!

Comment here and I'll flail about how much I love you.

It's really simple, and (I hope) it'll make you smile! So why not? :)

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oh yeah, that's right! it's

the epic anonymous post of doom!

now here is the place to get rid of some energy and ramble about whatever you want! it can be about something totally irrelevant to everything, or it can be something about me, a rant, a rave, a recommendation... absolutely anything! you can say how much you love muffins, or something you find annoying about me or anyone else. be sure to make your comment anonymous! 

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